Thursday, 27 September 2018

A Closer Look

I had a reasonably busy morning with a visit to the Health Centre for an INR check which controls my warfarin intake, bills to pay, feeders to fill at the Moorland Feeder Station then coffee at Wauchope Cottage. As I Left I arranged to go for a walk later in the day with Tootlepedal. I continued my busy morning by sorting out what items I'm going to take on the upcoming holiday to Thailand that I am embarking on next Tuesday. 

I collected Tootlepedal later as arranged then we drove down the A7 stopping off at the lay-by at the Seven Sisters and to a wander down the old road to see if we could get some autumnal shots.

I spotted this tiny snail perched on a dandelion.......

.........I had to have a closer look.

We negotiated our way past this muddy entrance to make our way down to the river bank....

....and took this shot looking back......

.......but there wasn't much to see.

 We returned to thecar and stopped at the Hollows Bridge to admire the view, both up stream... 

.....and downstream.

Just to let us know what river we were looking at.

After a quick walk to the Bryeburn Bridge we returned home, it was an enjoyable short walk but a bit disappointing as far as picture taking was concerned. 

In the evening I attended the Buccleuch Centre with my friend Stuart for a very enjoyable concert with Phil Cunningham and Ali Bain, two very accomplished musicians.  I saw that Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal were in the audience so if you click here you should get a more in depth account of the show. 

I'm off on holiday to Thailand next Tuesday for three weeks with my travel companions George and Kenny, spending time in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. A great adventure and hopefully some good photographs. Depending on the internet connections I'll do my best to post pictures here and on Facebook.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Lazy Sunday, Leading on to Monday.

This was truly a lazy Sunday,  (it was so lazy I'm posting this on Monday) I got up late lounged about in my pyjamas and after a late breakfast I got dressed and did a bit of reluctant housework.  in the afternoon I decided to head out with my camera and drove up to  the feeder station  to see if there was much activity, but it was just the usual suspects. I stayed a while then decided to go up over Whita as I hadn't been for quite a while.

Bum's up

A  more dignified pose.

Always good views at the feeders.

A bit of a slimy character.

I found these tiny pieces of fungus which I discovered under a sheet of corrugated iron, which I've never come across before quite intriguing.If any readers has some inkling to what they are I would be grateful. 

On the way I stopped off  at Broomholm  to admire the start of autumn. 

 I heard they have they have started felling trees  above Hillhead   which is part of one of Tootlepedal and my favourite walks,  which  starts off from Whitshiels  but as they are leading the felled trees down the path we use it may be some time before  we can  return,  but it will be interesting to see what grows in the future.

A couple of sheep taking a keen interest as to what was happening.

 This rust coloured grass was quite prevalent on the back of the hill. 

The heather has lost its purple lustre.

The road tae Langholm......
.......and the road tae Copshaw.

I love meandering walls.

There was still a bit of colour on the moor

Passing strangers.
I think this should be named Whisky Burn due to the colour of the peaty water.

I went as far as the County March then made my way home.

In the morning I went to do some more maintenance painting at the Social Club which fellow committee member Eddie Fisher and I have been doing over the summer months. Later when I returned home for some lunch I rang Toolepedal if he fancied a stroll in the aternoon. I picked him up at the allotted time and we decided to have a walk down the Esk at Canonbie as we hadn't done  that walk this year. 

The following is a few of the shots I took, nothing really interesting but worth posting all the same.

Canonbie Church stands well on the knowe of the hill.

The Deid Nook

We weren't the only ones on a riverside walk.

A family of evasive Goosanders.

A bit of experiment here, I thohgt this shot was more monochrome than colour.......

........then I was interseted to see what it would look like in an inverted state.

Some fishermen have to much money on their hands.

I found this feather and water droplets rather interesting.

 We walked a fair distance down the river bank but due to the start of the rain that had been forecast we cut out losses and headed back to Wauchope Cottage for a welcome cup of tea. 

We were joined by Dr Mike Tinker who was enjoying a visit from his son and family from New Zealand . I returned home and prepared my selection of photos for the first session of the season of the Camera Club, then made a nice stir fry for my tea. Click here to view Tootlepedals version of our stroll.

The Camera Club went well with a good attendance, with new members and returning old showing an excellent collection of photos.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The Best of Company

In the scheme of things this should've been a sad day as it is six years since I lost my wife Anne, but it was anything but. To keep myself busy I went down to the Social Club to continue painting the cellar door which I had started yesterday. 

I phoned Tootlepedal during lunch to see if he was interested in a stroll later in the afternoon, we arranged to meet after he went for a cycle ride.  I returned to the social club to do a bit tidying up by removing moss that had gathered on the path on the unseen side of the building, this had been annoying me for some time. Now the building is in the hands of the trustees its good to see basic improvements being made in the form of painting etc. On a personal note it would be nice to see more of the 400 plus paid members use the facility as their local as much as attending functions.

I met Tootlepedal as arranged and we drove down to the Green Door, parked and proceded on a short circular walk by Jenny Nobles Gill.

A pleasant start to our stroll.

Our intention was to seek out fungi, we weren't disappointed.

Nice to see the Autumn colours appear but I do lament the passing of summer 

This fungi was in a rather disgusting state of rot.

These contrasting broom pods caught my eye.

Fair warning I suppose.

Is this some dancing tree spirit?

 This is a lovely track to follow.

Sometimes mistakes work!

We returned to the car and I duly deposited Tootlepedal at Wauchope Cottage and headed home for tea. This was a lovely walk with the best of company.