Monday, 20 February 2017

Being Distracted

I've just realized that I haven't posted for about ten days, the reason being I've been distracted with having my bungalow renovated with the idea of moving in as soon as possible, but I still found the time to go for a stroll with Tootlepedal on a couple of occasions, so this is a very basic post.

The following shots are a selection I took over the last couple of weeks.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Clarty and Arty

After a very busy morning doing house work and doing some research at the town hall for Langholm Social Club going through the council minutes just after the war I was pleased to take up Tootlepedal's offer of a stroll later in the afternoon. He suggested a walk we did just recently, but in the opposite direction, up by Pathhead and along the top path towards Holmhead where there is usually an abundance of snowdrops.

It looks like it's going to be a clarty walk (another scots word that sounds what it is....dirty, wet and muddy)

This avenue looks good which ever direction you're walking.

As it was such a dull day and the prospect of some really good shots was minimal we started experimenting with our pocketcams using the creative control mode to get some arty shots.

Straight shot.....


......dynamic monochrome.

We walked on to Holmhead where the snowdrops are but I couldn't resist this disappearing gateway

The snowdrops didn't disappoint

Warning! dont look at this image too long but sometime mistakes just work for me.

What I was trying to take.

We also had fun with the one point colour mode

We met a handsome dog taking his master for a stroll.....

.....before checking to see if there was any progress on Robin's wood sculptures. But not before experimenting on Tootlepedal, who was more than happy to comply. Click here to see his results.

Robin's eagle almost ready to take flight.

I declined Tootlepedal's kind offer of tea and toast and returned home to look at the results of the research I had done earlier.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Coasting It

I started this blog two  days ago but somehow I cant get to grip with doing it on my tablet so I decided to wait until I got home before I composed it. Anyway I set off for Haddington on Wednesday morning to visit Neil and the boys for a couple of days. I drove up at a steady pace stopping of at a garden centre for coffee and cake and to replace one of the bird feeders at home.

I also broke my journey a few miles further on at the Leaderfoot view point to get some shots of the viaduct and the older Drygrange Bridge which dates from 1780.

This bridge carries the traffic over the river Tweed, where I stood in the centre to take above shot and was quite alarmed at how much the the bridge shook with the heavy traffic. Somehow I dont think it has the same romantic appeal as  the other two. 

Shortly after arriving I took a walk along the old railway line that leads to Longniddry. This is an easy path to walk or cycle, I intend to bring my bike up in the near future and cycle to Longniddry and back.

In winter this isn't the most interesting of walks but it is still a pleasure to walk along. One thing I did notice was the lack of fungus and moss maybe this was due to the fact it ran alongside the busy A1.

One the many road bridges that crosses the line

An apple tree still holding on to some of its crop.

This robin was happy to pose while it got some sunshine on its back

Nice light on these trees

I liked these information signs that were made to look like railway signals.

Next morning after dropping the boys off at school I headed off towards the coast with the intention of doing
Some time lapse photography. I drove over the hill to Aberlady and parked at the nature reserve and spent some time watching various waders.

I drove a few miles further up the coast to Longniddry Bents and found a suitable place to park and set up the camera. It takes about two hours of shooting at one shot every five seconds to get one minute of time lapse film. I sat back and enjoyed the scenery, listened to the radio, had some lunch, time went by amazingly quickly. I took approximately 1440 which will take some time to process so the result hopefully will appear in a post in the near future.

I then headed back along the coast to North Berwick to have quick walk along the beach before heading back to Haddington.

I received a comment on a previous post which recommended I try the Town House chip shop in Haddington, we did and I certainly wasn't disappointed so thank you to anonymous.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Too Much for Granted.

 After breakfast and catching up with some ironing I headed for the Moorland Feeder Station with the idea  copying the idea  of cutting a notch into a tree trunk and filling it from a fat ball that apparently is a great success at Eskrigg.   I filled the feeders then cut the notches only to discover all the fatballs had all been used, not to be deterred I returned home to get some from my own stock. when I got I got home I received a messages from Tootlepedal asking if he come to the feeders with me, I explained the situation and that I was returning and I would gladly pick him up. I duly filled the notches but I'm not expecting very much for a few days but hopefully they might attract a tree creeper or two and others in the future. The feeders were extremely busy but with a lack of woodpeckers, nuthatches and creepers we became bored after a while and decided to call it a day and headed home, but we did get some quite nice shots before we left.

Hopefully the there's something taking an interest soon.

There was an abundance of chaffinches to entertain us. 

This one was almost tempted to try the notch.

Tootlepedal went off home to get ready to go and visit Matilda and her mum and dad in the afternoon andI had commitments later in the afternoon and needed to get prepared for them. Quite a short visit to the feeders and maybe we were expecting too much as nine times out of ten we are treated to something quite interesting but maybe we take the more common birds too much for granted.