Sunday, 15 December 2019

Little to Write About

The weeks are passing by at an alarming rate at the moment and now Christmas is on the horizon I'll have to get myself organised and complete my Christmas shopping in the coming week. Little has happened since I last posted, just grey days, chilly days and wet days. I'm still nursing my back problem which is rather troublesome and finding it hard to get going in the mornings. I'm keeping this post very short as I have very little of interest to write about., except I did spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon at the local pantomime production of Mother Goose, this was extremely good fun with some well placed corny jokes and plenty of audience participation.

The following photos are from a stroll up past the Fairy Loup I managed to get one day last week.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Another Gray Day

We woke to another gray day, so gray in fact that we never got much daylight throughout the day. I've put the ebike away for the winter months which is why I've not posted for a while and also I'm having on going trouble with sciatica at the the moment and having to work through the pain barrier in the mornings. 

I spent the morning leisurely putting  a week into the archive database, then went for a stroll round the Castleholm to ease my back problem, this certainly works and the rest of the day was relatively pain free. 

Apparently we had a bit of a storm through the night to which I was oblivious. This tree came down just along the road, luckily it fell away from the houses in the background

I paused on the Galaside to watch a rugby match that was being played on the 3G pitch.....

.......between Langholm U14's and Annan U14's

This tree trunk caught my eye on Mary Street.

A fair bit of water passing through the arches,

This is one of a pair of dippers that were dipping along the edge of the river.

Both the Esk and Ewes rivers were quite full from last nights rain.

Staying close to shore

An attractive walk at anytime of year, even on a gray day.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

An Achievement and a Dazzling Display

The thermometer suggested that it was rather chilly outside when I got up this morning so my planned cycle ride was put on hold until the temperature rose to an acceptable level, by 10 am it had rose to 5°C and there seemed to be little wind so it was a good time to set off. My goal today was to pass the 300 mile mark and as I was only 16 miles short it wasn't going to be a difficult task. I headed up the Wauchope road and took my usual route by the Bloch farm then by Barngleishhead returning by the Bloch, to make sure I achieved my mileage I cycled to the foot of Callister then pedaled  home making my total since getting the Ebike to 302 miles. As the winter months are almost upon us and an up and coming foot operation means my cycling days are going to be curtailed for a couple of months, but until then I'll make the most of the good days that are offered.

 I set off on this pedal without my camera but as I have posted numerous photos of the same route I don't think they'll be missed, but the following pictures are from a walk I had on Saturday around the Castleholm. 

Looking up through the trees at the Galaside wood.

Heading towards Duchess Bridge

Duchess Bridge

Result of the inclement weather at the Cattle Show time

South Lodge looking attractive

Langholm's iconic eyesore

A ghostly remainer from Halloween

I did manage to get some shots from my back door of the firework display that was being held over on the Castleholm and watched by a vast crowd on the Kilngreen which was also accompanied by a spectacular bonfire later in the evening which all led to a dazzling display. 

The fireworks in the shots may look a bit haphazard but to those who are interested this is due to the camera being hand held at an aperture of 11f and a shutter speed of 4 seconds, I think they make acceptable images but next year I'll be more prepared and use a tripod.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Varying My Routes

We woke to brilliant sunshine and Sub-zero temperatures this morning with -2° C showing on the thermometer. It seemed to be a good day to get out on the e-bike but I had to wait until the temperature had risen to a more comfortable level before venturing out. I whiled away the time by putting a week into the E&L  database.

When the temperature rose to 8 degrees I got togged up, and fueled myself up with a bowl of hot porridge before setting off up the Wauchope Road. Most of my pedals have been in the Solwaybank area, where there are no demanding hills and the roads are relevantly quiet and there is plenty or route variations which suits me fine and doesn't make too much demand on the bike battery, usually three bars out of five are used up when I get home. 

My route on this occasion took me over Callister and onto the Waterbeck road. At about two miles before Waterbeck I turned off and headed towards Solwaybank, this was a new route for me in that area and it was very pleasant pedaling in the sunshine. I met no traffic on the new section to Solwaybank but I did get a cheery wave from a cyclist going in the opposite direction. 

I stopped for a quick rest at Westwater Cottage before setting off up Callister.

It was very pleasant cycling down this country lane.....

...... with the sunshine on the autumn leaves providing a colourful canopy.

This chestnut tree was quite striking to the eye but doesn't quite come over on camera.

The deep red of the haws caught my eye.

The pine needles looked set to come off in the next strong wind, but for the moment they are adding their own contribution to the autumn palet. 

Looking towards the Pennines.

Heading home

When I arrived back on the Wauchope road the first person I met was Tootlepedal who was out for a light pedal after his weekend singing with Carlisle Choir in Glasgow, he said it was a good weekend but very tiring, we chatted for a few moments then I waved goodbye and headed home for a nice hot shower.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Down the Line.

There was a bit of mist hanging over the hilltops when I woke this morning but by the time I went to fill the feeders at the moorland feeder station it had cleared quite a bit. When I arrived I found that someone had already filled them to which I was very grateful. I hung about for a short while but there were no birds of real interest so I headed home for tea and toast for my breakfast. I then spent the rest of the morning reading the local and national newspapers.

The receding mist.

All quiet at the feeders....

.....for a short while.

I need to get to grips with my focusing.

The view from the cattle grid looking up the valley.

While I was there I found the wall was full of very interesting things to photograph. I need to get in touch with Tootlepedal to see if he's interested in exploring along the wall bit further.

After a lunch of homemade cream of parsley and parsnip soup I got togged up to go out on the ebike. It's getting to the time of year when every time I go out I seem to have an extra layer of clothing on, this may seem excessive as when you're wandering about the house before leaving it gets rather warm but once you're out in the open the benefit is very apparent. 

I headed off up the Wauchope Road with the intention of going round my usual route of past the Bloch Farm and back by Tarras, but as I was feeling a bit perky, which is very rare at the moment I had a change of heart and decided to grab the moment and have a little tour around the Solwaybank area. This was an excellent decision as the elements were favourable and the roads were quiet and no big inclines to cope with, but that is maybe where the Ebike comes in.

I had no real intention of making this a photographic trip but when I came upon these unusual sheep I had to stop and take a snapshot. Anyone know what breed they are?

The access road that has been created for the intended wind farm in the area.

On the subject of wind farms I wonder if there was a similar reaction to the electric pylons that now march up and down the countryside when they were constructed? They now seem to be a very much of an accepted part of the environment. Whatever the opinion is it all strives to make a life of accessibility and comfort and hopefully not too much impact on the environment.

Same pylon but fun with Photoshop, I rather like this!

This was a very pleasurable pedal and good to know there is an excellent network for more pleasurable pedals in the future. The Ebike is going well and has added a new dimension to my life so I'm making the most of it before the winter months sets in.  For those that are interested my mileage is now 261 miles and an overall average speed of 9.5 mph. 

On checking the blog It seems to be pylon line dominated but somewhat interesting in my opinion.