Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Bridge Not Too Far

I was up quite early this morning as local joiners Ross and Gary were coming to continue erecting new fascia boards and guttering around the bungalow, which is staring to look very smart. I spent the morning preparing a red lentil and chorizo stew for the slow cooker and doing some house work. 

In the afternoon Tootlepedal came and picked me up for a prearranged trip to the viaduct on the railway track at Rowanburn. The light wasn't very favourable but we decided to go as planned and make the best of it.

We arrived at Rowanburn and put our wellies on before heading down the old railway track. The start runs through a large firewood timber yard.

The yard was host to lots of interesting fungi

Wellies were a good idea

It must be a coupple of years since we were down the track, little had changed on the first part.....

........but as we ventured further, much of the woodland had been cleared exposing a deep gully that wasn't visible in the past which changed the landscape dramatically.

We continued on until we came to the head of the viaduct which is unpassable due to large fencing

I managed to get a shot through a gap in the fence before making our way down to the foot of the viaduct.

This small but quite interesting undercut leads to Rowanburnfoot farm where I attended my first hay shed fire when I was a member of the local retained fire brigade many years ago.

The going was very clarty and we had to pick our way down to the river very carefully.

The viaduct is piece of Victorian engineering marvel both in design and build. It crosses the Liddle Water dividing England and Scotland at this point. Maybe some day in the future trains will yet again cross this Victorian colossus if plans to extend the Waverly Line from Galashiels to Carlisle come to fruition. 

Unfortunately the light wasn't in our favour but made the best of it. We eventually made our way back to the car and headed home. After a cup of tea and a biscuit at the bungalow Tootlepedal went home and I starting defrosting a chili con carne for my tea.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

A Varied Day

I attended an excellent concert last night at the Buccleuch Centre by Jaqui Dankworth and Charlie Wood. They did some nice takes on some popular classics, and left the audience feeling well entertained. Whilst I was there I had a chat with Tootlepedal at the interval and we arranged to meet at Wauchope Cottage in the morning for coffee and a stroll.

After coffee we drove up to the feeder station, parked the car and headed down to the Tarras Burn at the bottom of the hill

There was some nice light on the trees but lacking in colour

The stream was looking quite attractive.

I did some experimenting with my new camera by moving the camera vertically at a reduced shutter speed to get a blurred abstract effect, I was quite pleased with the result.

I did this one by accident and find it the most pleasing.

We stopped off at the hide before heading home but there wasn't much activity apart for the pine trees just about to shed there needles.

In the evening I got a phone call from my friend Helen inviting me to go with her and her family to the bonfire and firework display at Eskdalemuir Hub to which I gladly accepted. It was a lovely moonlit night when we arrived but the trade off was it was extremely cold but it was an excellent show and I managed to get some reasonably hand held shots.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Filling in Time

I had a lazy Sunday morning, sleeping in late and generally mooching about, I looked out of the kitchen window to see if the feeders I put up recently had reduced but to no avail, maybe through time I'll get some interesting visitors, I do miss the busy feeder I had at the crescent. 

In the afternoon I decided to test my new camera's interval timing function which allows me to take multiple shots at pre-programmed intervals which makes timelapse photography possible without an external timer.  

The following is my first basic effort.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

A Mixed Bag

A very short post today just to keep my hand in. I've recently returned from a holiday in Portugal at Albufeira which was totally relaxing with lots of reading by the pool in glorious sunshine. 

I didn't take many photos but managed to have trip into the old town one afternoon. 

I did a little bit of  in camera experimenting with the next shot.

I received a text message from Toolepedal just after lunch asking if I was interested in a walk which I was.  I picked him up shortly after. We intended to go round the Fairy Loup but had quick deviation up to the moorland feeders. I had my new camera with me and as I hadn't used it for a while I struggled with the settings.

As I'm too tired to write a proper post I'll leave you with the following shots. I'm sure Tootlepedal will have done a more detailed account of our walk