Saturday, 4 December 2010

Motor Bikes Motor Bikes Motor Bikes

It has been quite an eventful week with the snow causing widespread disruption. I think we have been very lucky here at the moment. I've been managing to get to work everyday, but if I had been relying on the bus service it would have been a great problem as they haven't been running all week. To top it all I have ended up with the most miserable cold and I'm feeling rather sorry for myself.

On Wednesday I had a trip to the NEC at Birimingham with about 37 students from Carlisle College and surrounding schools and I must say in spite of how they behave at College or school they were a credit to their establishments.

This was a trip to the national Motor Bike show. Now I must admit I have no real love of motor bikes but I can really see the attraction after my visit.

I was accompanied by Nigel and Derek who are first class Motor Vehicle lecturers and Colin Luhrs who is head of faculty all from Carlisle College.

The day was spent just relaxing and admiring the workmanship of some of the bikes, although you could have put a decent mortgage on a house some of them were so expensive.

On the return journey we received word that the college had been shut early due to heavy snow so we didn't know what to expect when we arrived back as we had been very lucky on the way there and back Apart from the odd flurry of snow we had a reasonable clear run both ways.
After a few phone calls for pick ups when we arrived back at the college, we arrived back safely apart from one student being sick as we were coming up Warwick road.
When we finally got back the snow had finally stopped but was lying very thick on the ground.My car took a bit of clearing before I could head home, which I took very cautiously.

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  1. I wouldn't like the yellow pointy one to come up behind me while I was pedalling.