Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What I enjoy about my job

Excellent weather
One of the things I really enjoy about my job is the holidays, I've managed to work the total of seven day in the past four weeks. This enabled me to take advantage of the excellent weather we have been having lately and tackle odd jobs about the garden.

A bit of a spectacle and a well earned pint
On Friday past I rose with the intention of having breakfast and tackling jobs that needed done about the garden, but I ended up watching the Royal Wedding and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the whole spectacle.
In the afternoon I made a start fence painting, which is not one of my favourite tasks but the fence is starting to look rather smart and well worth the effort. In the evening I went to the British Legion and had what I thought were a well earned couple of pints of Guinness. OK so it was four!

An excellent lecture
On Saturday I continued painting the fence. In the evening I went to the Buccleuch Centre accompanied by my archiving friend Jean to see Laurie Campbell who was giving a presentation of some of his recent images. This was an excellent lecture but sadly rather poorly attended. I managed to have a chat with Laurie and he told me how much he enjoyed the work shop he conducted throughout the day with about nine youngsters. He said this was the first time in his career that he has done a work shop for juniors and when asked said he would do it again. This was organised by Cat Barlow, who is project manager for the Langholm Moorland Project.

Items of interest
On Sunday morning I went to collect some items of interest for archiving from Betty Little. Betty is a former proprietor of the E & L and what I collected was a little treasure trove. As Mr Tootlepedal  and I agreed a winters worth of work.

A nice leisurely stroll
On Monday morning I had a nice leisurely stroll round by Holmhead. On what I call the bottom road to Holmhead a small plantation has recently been cut down and has left a spectacular view across the valley onto Timpen. Stopped for a while to rest and soak in the tranquillity of the morning.
Dennis Barker ( roast beef and beech leaves ) came by and stopped for a brief chat. I carried on at a somewhat leisurely pace taking photos of various subjects until the camera batteries ran out. This was yet another stroll that served to remind me why I have no wish to live anywhere else.

Natural light

I think I need some lessons from Mr Tootlepedal on flower photography

stone me!

Langholm's answer to Center Parcs 

Yew tree

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  1. Your natural light is very fine. I am sorry I missed Laurie Campbell as I have enjoyed his shows before.