Monday, 13 June 2011


Photographed countless times but I couldn't resist it

A bit of a disaster
I had a bit of a disaster a couple of weeks ago, well maybe more than a bit of a one. On the Friday of the half-term holiday I decided to have trip up the Tarras valley and see what was to offer in landscape photography as it was such a lovely night and there was some good light. When I arrived the light on the Burn was quite spectacular. Not being contented to stand on the banking I thought I would get some better shots holding the camera nearer the surface of the water. Not a good idea! For some reason I took the wrist strap off my hand and the next thing I was looking at the camera in about 3ft of water. I managed to fish it out fearing the worst. The only thing I could do was to take out the memory card and batteries and leave it to dry naturally for a couple of days. By the Monday it was obvious it was knackered. So maybe it wont be a bad thing at the end of the day as I will now have the excuse to move up to Digital SLR. So look out Mr Tootlepedal you'll be getting pestered for some tips.

A Great Opportunity
This weekend we had a visit from our Daughter in Law and our two Grandsons Joe & Sandy. Their Dad was away on a school trip to Normandy. This is a great opportunity for Neil as he has been passionate about WW2 history since he was at school. He recently obtained information about my own Father's involvement in the war. The only thing I know from being told, was that he was in the company that were first into Belsen. He was a front-line cook and to see the atrocities and starving wretches that greeted them must have been beyond imagination. I never ever heard him speak about it but I do know he had nightmares for the rest of his life.

On a happier note
On a happier note we had a super but exhausting weekend with the boys. On Sunday morning I got them up quite early, sorry they got me up quite early and we set off for a walk that would eventually end up at the playpark at the Kilngreen. On the path to the Duchess Bridge they were playing Star Wars with great enthusiasm and volume, Sandy somehow manages to hum the theme tune to whatever film role he is playing. As we arrived at the bridge we met a guy with two boys. He had a startled look on his face when he saw there were only three of us. " Good God!" he said "with all that noise I thought there were loads of you"  After a few adventures by way of the Curly Snake we arrived at the Kilngreen where they spent a good hour going between the play park and the river.

The photos I'm leaving you with are from my phone so if the quality is a bit poor please forgive me.

Curly |Snake

Something's lurking in the bushes

I'm sure I saw something!

The adventure continues

A Common Riding contender perhaps?

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  1. I am sorry about the camera. It looks as though you really had a great time with the children.