Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Holidays

Engine house at Byreburn Canonbie

Days haven't been wasted
I'm into the second week of my Easter holidays and after an unnaturally hot end to March, it is back to the more seasonal April showers. Days haven't been wasted though. I met Tom and Mike Tinker at Wauchope Cottage with the intention of selecting photos for the presentation that Mike and I are going to attempt at the opening night of the Langholm Walking Festival. This is a bit daunting for the two of us but as Mr Tootlepedal is going to write a script for us we can rest assured there will be some very witty comments.

Tone mapping
On Monday 2nd I headed for the Tarras valley with the camera and tripod to try my hand at HDR photography (high dynamic range) This involves taking three photos at the same time. One over exposed, one underexposed and one correctly exposed then using the appropriate software combine them together then use a process called tone mapping. This can produce some stunning results, but as you can see I have got a lot to learn.

Correctly exposed

Under exposed

Over exposed

Tone mapped

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  1. Tone mapping looks far too complicated for me but when it works it will be very effective. I am sure your show of photographs at the walking Festival Cheese & Wine will be excellent.