Saturday, 19 May 2012

Jolly Good Company

Good Intentions
I arose this morning with good intentions, mainly to do a bit of work in the garden but on venturing outside that idea was put to the side due to the unseasonal chilly weather we are enduring at the moment. Before I could do any tasks about the garden I had some errands to do in town. On returning I decided to tidy the green house up and re-pot the two cherry tomato plants I recently purchased. We are hoping to get as good a crop as we got last year.

Grave Danger
After lunch I was in grave danger of letting the afternoon slip away, I forced myself forced myself up from the lethargic, comfortable pull of the sofa, grabbed the camera and set forth. 

A Leisurely Preamble

Not wanting to do anything strenuous I decided to have a leisurely preamble round the Castleholm with the intention of trying to get some photos of a pair of Nuthatch's that are nesting near the old buildings near the Lodge. 

An Idyllic Setting
After crossing the Jubilee bridge I paused for a moment to take a photo of the cricket match that was taking place. Personally I would argue that Langholm boasts the most idyllic setting for both Cricket and  Rugby clubs in the south of  Scotland, but I'm sure others in the borders would contest that point.

Young Oak Leaves

Wild Garlic

Lack of Heat
Turning left I followed the path heading up river pausing to take some photos of the fresh vegetation that has appeared on the trees and on the ground. Due to the lack of heat the smell of wild garlic isn't so promonent at the moment

The Butterfly House
When I arrived at the Lodge I was greeted by Bobby Harvey who has lived there for many years. He informed they were having regular visits from three red squirrels lately which is
quite encouraging. I asked Bobby if he knew what they old wooden building was used for that is in the wood adjacent to his house. As far as he knew it was known as the Butterfly House and was used as a school room for the Duke of Buccleuch's shooting lodge that has long since gone.

The Butterfly House

Same Idea
During our conversation we were join by my fellow archivist and photographer Tom aka Tootlepedal. Tom came with much the same idea as myself to take photos of the Nuthatch. Tom had already been to the sight of the nest but was more than willing to return with me, so we bade good by to Bobby. 

Flown the Nest?
We didn't have long to wait until one of the Nuthatch's returned with some juicy grubs for the hungry youngster/s. Somehow I managed to capture two birds leaving the nest hole, we both wondered if the young bird had flown the nest. I'm no so sure so I will return tomorrow to see if their is any activity. After a good ten minutes and no return we set of round the pheasant pens.

Fifty Shades of Green
This is one of my favourite places to walk in Langholm as  you have an excellent view of the surrounding hills and the fifty shades of green that adorns our pleasant valley. 

Mr Tootlepedal looking for the winning shot

Robbie Harvey and friends

Tea and Cake
After a very pleasant stroll I was invited back to Wauchope Cottage for a nice cup of tea and cake provide by Mrs Tootlepedal so I'll leave you with a selection of the photos that I took during our walk. 

remains of early settlers in the Eskdale Valley

"I'm damned sure I'm not speaking first"

You just cant beat a good old sniff!

Blowing in the Wind




  1. Had to come by and see Tootlepedal's nuthatches. :-)

  2. You will be in trouble with Mr.Tootlepedal for pointing out there are 50 shades of green as he has counted 132 shades of green and who are we to dispute this with him.

  3. It was Mr.Tootlepedal that insisted on 50, he must have improved on that.

    However, all shades of green are welcome at this time of year.