Saturday, 14 July 2012

Magic Moments

Magic Moments
The Winner
This is the winning photo that won the Magic Moments competition at the Fuji shop in Fisher street  Carlisle. I was absolutely thrilled to bits to win this competition with a photograph of my two grandson's. It now goes through to Fuji's national competition next week. So.......! fingers crossed.

"it was not to be"
Weather wise the week ended better than it started. On Friday I arranged to meet Tom at the moorland feeder station to watch Cat Barlow ringing birds but, as explained in Tootlepedals blog this was not to be.

Interesting conversations
In the Afternoon I had arranged to attend a Reminiscence Group that Lizzie Pool was setting up in the day centre. This is to encourage some of the people who attend the centre to share their memories on a variety of subjects. I took along Toms new recorder in the hope of recording some interesting conversations. The topic for the day was the Common Riding. I set the recorder near where I thought was an interesting conversation and left it running. With a bit of luck there will be some little gems worth transcribing for the Archives. 
(note: if you click on any photo once, you can view in slideshow.)

Time to Spare
With some time to spare I headed for the Parish Kirk to view the excellent Common Riding exhibition that is on display. On enquiring I was told there hadn't been many visitors through the door. Hopefully as we approach " The Great Day" the numbers will increase. I thoroughly recommend it. 

Delightful and Informative
This morning I arranged to pick up Tootlepedal and head up to the moorland feeder station Where Cat Barlow was ringing birds. This turned out to be a really delightful and informative two hours in spite the fact we were the meal of the day to a horde of midges. 

Care and Dexterity
I was impressed with the care and dexterity that Cat handled the birds, and at no time did any of them seem to be in much distress, except for the young Woodpecker that flew into the mist nets for the third time. To save the Woodpecker any further stress Cat decided to drop the nets.  The following is a selection of photographs I took which, hopefully will give some idea of the dedication she puts into the project.




Cat points to a tick above the eye


Tootlepedal off for a stroll. 
( He was really  fleeing  the midges)

Coffee and Toast at Wauchope Cottage
After enduring as much as we could the call of coffee and toast at Wauchope Cottage was too much to resist we bade farewell to Cat and her friends.

A Perfect Ending
After enjoying some of Tootlepedals excellent coffee from Honduras and a slice of toast I headed home. Later I went to the Buccleuch Centre and booked tickets for Joan Armatrading and Georgie Fame concerts that are coming up in the next season.

A Pleasant Day
The rest of the day was spent in the garden, trimming bushes and tidying up. On the whole it has been a pleasant day with a perfect ending, listening to a Transatlantic Sessions DVD with Mrs Gill while I write this blog.

A Wauchope Cottage Rose


  1. A comprehensive set of pictures. Thank you for your work on the recording and your company at the bird ringing.

  2. Thank you, it was a pleasure also.

  3. What wonderful photos! I love the one's showing how to ring the bird. Your blog entertains and teaches at the same time!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments. It was a learning experience for myself as it was the first time I had witnessed the procedure.

  5. Great photo of the boys. Fingers crossed you win the competition.

  6. Good luck in the national competition.
    An entertaining and informative post.

  7. Great photos dad! when is Georgie Fame coming? I'll go!