Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tricky Situations

Too dangerous
I spent the morning shredding the cuttings from the berberis that was trimmed the other day. This had been a bit of a tricky operation as it has got so high throughout the years it has become too dangerous to stand on a set of stepladders with an electric hedge cutter so I phoned Mrs Tootlepedal to ask if she had a long handled branch loper and if so could I borrow it, she saved the day and I managed to finish the task in between heavy showers.



The need to be ruthless
I'm really going have to consider being quite ruthless and cut it back much further. It's a lovely big bush and offers quite a lot of shelter but it doesn't flower the same as it used to so maybe some drastic action is needed. I need to consult the experts.

Boy with a new toy
I get a lot of pleasure from shredding, I'm like a little boy with a new toy, also it allows me some free thinking time and the end result goes towards good growth for shredding in the future. (Not my thoughts)

It worked
After lunch it started to rain, so that put paid to any plans I had for pottering about in the garden. I spent a couple hours trying to work out how to put an album or slideshow into my blog as you can see the slideshow has worked. These were some photos I took recently after a heavy rain shower. The sculpture was designed by Jake Harvey to celebrate the works of Hugh Macdiarmid who was a native of Langholm.

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