Saturday, 1 September 2012

By Hook or by Crook

Today's main picture 

The Gates of Eden

All roads lead to The Benty

Tootlepedal kindly picked me up at 9 o'clock this morning on his way to Bentpath, better known as the Benty where we had were entering some photos in the Flower Show. The industrial tent was very industrious with competitors busily staging their work and produce. I could see by the entries in the photo section that there is some stiff opposition. On returning to Langholm, Tootlepedal invited me for coffee at Wauchope Cottage and to view the newly decorated kitchen, which I must say is looking very crisp.

The Industrious Industrial Tent Tent

A couple of competitors nervously waiting judgement

Rush hour at the Benty

When it was time for me to return and find out how I had faired with my entries I decided to go  uo the A7 and across by the Gates of Eden.

Looking towards Craigcleuch

In the distance you can see the training track at Craig Farm Burnfoot the home of James Ewart Racing. This is a successful racing stable a short distance out of town.

Just as I arrived at the Benty I was closely followed by Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal. We decided to watch the Fell Race and Hound Trail before finding out how we had faired in the competition. Tootlepedal seemed to be quite knowledgeable about hound trailing. He told me it came from years of playng in the flute band going up to the hound trail  on Common Riding morning.

It was quite exciting watching both hounds and runners coming down the face of the hill at full pelt

Tootlepedal catches the moment

The hounds receive a well deserved treat

After all the excitement we made our way back to the show field passing this pair of forlorn looking hounds.

Looking towards the show field 

Pelosis ice cream van always a popular visitor at any event

Terrier Racing. This is racing for dogs with ADHD

Captions on a postcard please!

It was now time for us to find out if we had had any success with our photos. Tootlepedal did very well with his. Gaining I think, two first  a second and a third, but I may stand to be corrected on that. Myself, I got a first in views and second in flowers. I was delighted with the result and hopefully I can improve on it at the Langholm show. Our colleague Stan Wilson picked up the main prize for most points in the show. 

Stan receiving his cup

This is how they deal with anyone who questions the judges decision.

After a nice cup of tea and cake with Mr & Mrs T it was time to collect our entries and head for home but not before I had a look round at some of the other entries.

By hook or by crook

Animal vegetable or mineral?

Cauliflower sheep

A fine display

Just as we were leaving I captured my favourite photo of the day

Looking towards Westerkirk

If you want to view a broader selection of today's events please click on the slideshow.


  1. Just one first, one second and one third but very pleased all the same.

  2. Thank you for the correction

  3. Well done to both of you. It looks as if Benty Show were lucky with the weather for once as it has been very wet in the last few years. I think it is one of the nicest settings for a show anywhere in Scotland.

  4. Yes, it sounds like you were lucky with the weather. In the last six years, the wonderful Wigtown show has had one without rain. Such a shame.

    A really nice post Sandy. I concur with your favourite picture of the day, it looks even better enlarged and tells a story, ie mum and the kids, ice cream from the van, bouncy castle fun and a nice pot of flowers.

  5. My late father in law was a Clydesdale horseman and showed at Wigtown many times.

  6. I've just looked at the full slide show. Some lovely pictures in there. You certainly had a busy day.