Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Right Decision and More of the Same

Just recently I sat down and thought about my life since Anne has gone and realised out of all our friends I was the only one working, so I took the decision to reduce my work to four days rather than five. Today is the first of that decision. 

After a nice lie in with the daily paper I rose, had a leisurely mug of coffee, toast and marmalade and prepared to go the moorland feeder station. I went with the intention of staying for a while so I made a flask of coffee and a roll for my lunch. 

About an hour after I arrived Gordon Johnstone one of the local Gamekeepers appeared intending to feed the pheasants that were being reared nearby. This involved taking a quad bike through the middle of the feeder station. Fortunately the birds took very little notice of Gordon and his bike.

 I gave Tootlepedal a call and he was kind enough to join me for an hour. As we were packing up to head for Wauchope Cottage for a cup of tea we noticed the sky towards the east was quite bright and thought it might be a good idea to go and see the starlings at Gretna later and after that welcome cup of tea  so that's what we did. So I'm afraid the photos are very much of the same.

As the Starlings went to roost ( if you want to hear what this sounds like Tootlepedal made a quick recording)nI was approached by a young chap who said he was a reporter for Scotland on Sunday and asked me about my Starling  experience.

As for my first day off! a right decision me thinks!!!


  1. A great set of pictures Sandy. "The more leisure time you have the busier you become" is what I hear from lots of friends and acquaintances. Right decision I'll agree.

  2. Definately the right decision Sandy. I did the same 5 years ago when I reduced from 5 days to 3 days and it was the best decision ever and helped pave the way for full retirement a year later. Now I am still very busy but can pace myself more and a job that used to take a couple of hours to do can be extended to a whole day.

  3. The starlings were obviously chasing the moon. Great photos.