Thursday, 25 September 2014

Defrosting a Pedal and a Blogging Catch Up

Shot of the Day
My shot of the day was taken on a recent trip to Glasgow and is explained below,

The highlight of the week has been a 34 mile cycle ride on Sunday. This took me up Wauchope to the schoolhouse and over by Kerr Wood, then Solway Bank, Chapelknowe, Kirkpatrick Fleming then on to Gretna Green and back to Chapelknowe and home via Canonbie. The conditions were excellent for cycling with just a sight breeze for most of the journey.This was a bit of an achievement for me and makes me feel good.  

Looking back towards the Bloch Farm

Crossing the A74(M)

Site of the Quintinshill rail disaster

Before joining Tootlepedal, Dropscone and Arthur for coffee at 11 o'clock I set about defrosting the freezer, a much needed task I have been avoiding. I put a basin of hot water inside closed the door and headed off to fill the bird feeders at the moorland station calling in at the Health Centre on the way back for an I N R check to see if I'm on the correct dosage of warfarin. On my return the freezer was well on the way to being cleared of ice and another basin of hot water was enough to free what ice was left. That task finished I gave the freezer and fridge a good wash with bicarbonate of soda. 

Later I met Tootlepedal for an arranged pedal to Collin Bridge. We were pedaling into quite a brisk wind but not brisk enough to be uncomfortable. The return journey was quite exhilarating for a pedaling beginner like myself. With some sound advice on the use of my gears from Tootlepedal I reached a top speed of 32 mph (a personal best) and an average of 11 mph. 

The day was rounded off by visit to the Archive Centre where Tootlepedal and I put two weeks onto the Archive website. It's still strange turning right at the Langholm Bridge instead of left to pick Jean up at Greenbank, she's sorely missed.

The following shots are from recent visit to Beverley which I should have blogged on my return.  I traveled down with my friend Kenny to visit his brother Cliff and his wife Margaret. We had a lovely week being well looked after and lots of eating and drinking.

St Mary's church

Beverley Minster


I'm not sure if this door was carved by Robert Thompson of the Mouseman fame or by his grandson.

We found the mouse hidden behind the flowers
 Click on link above for the Minster for an excellent and interesting website

 Sight of the last dual fought in England outside St Mary's Church

I've just realized that while I've got plenty of interior shots of Beverley Minster I forgot about the outside.

While we were there a trip to the marina at York was arranged. Cliff has a boat moored there and wanted us to help him get it prepared for sale.

The River Ouse 

Cliff, Margaret & Kenny


  1. Great 34 mile ride, well done and an enjoyable short pedal today. You took some lovely pictures of the Minster.

  2. Just wish I'd taken one of the exterior.

  3. Great post Sandy. Brings back memories of the many visits with my late wife to Beverley Minster when living in Humberside (North Lincolnshire again now).
    I really must get my bike out !

  4. Don't know if I'll get the bike out in the winter months Jim but I'm making the most of the good weather we're getting at the moment.

  5. That's quite a church! Beautiful photos of it too.