Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Clarty and Arty

After a very busy morning doing house work and doing some research at the town hall for Langholm Social Club going through the council minutes just after the war I was pleased to take up Tootlepedal's offer of a stroll later in the afternoon. He suggested a walk we did just recently, but in the opposite direction, up by Pathhead and along the top path towards Holmhead where there is usually an abundance of snowdrops.

It looks like it's going to be a clarty walk (another scots word that sounds what it is....dirty, wet and muddy)

This avenue looks good which ever direction you're walking.

As it was such a dull day and the prospect of some really good shots was minimal we started experimenting with our pocketcams using the creative control mode to get some arty shots.

Straight shot.....


......dynamic monochrome.

We walked on to Holmhead where the snowdrops are but I couldn't resist this disappearing gateway

The snowdrops didn't disappoint

Warning! dont look at this image too long but sometime mistakes just work for me.

What I was trying to take.

We also had fun with the one point colour mode

We met a handsome dog taking his master for a stroll.....

.....before checking to see if there was any progress on Robin's wood sculptures. But not before experimenting on Tootlepedal, who was more than happy to comply. Click here to see his results.

Robin's eagle almost ready to take flight.

I declined Tootlepedal's kind offer of tea and toast and returned home to look at the results of the research I had done earlier.


  1. A grand walk well illustrated with excellent photographs

  2. You would think that that old fellow in the red jumper would have the sense to wear a jacket on a cold day.