Thursday, 4 January 2018

Good Friends

We woke to another day of dullness and what seems like perpetual rain.  After a light breakfast I went to take my turn at the moorland feeder station, I hurriedly filled the feeders and made a hasty retreat  home, wanting to get out of the wet as quickly as possible.

On my return I stopped to take a shot of this recently erected structure through the car windscreen, possibly a communication tower

I quickly checked my rain gauge when I got home and saw it needed to be reset.....

.....which I did.

At lunchtime I jumped on the X95 to Carlisle to meet up with my friend Graham for long overdue catch up, Graham is much like Tootlepedal, he can impart some good and timely advice when needed but also good company and always cheerful. We met up and had a light lunch with refreshments and put the world to rights as one does.  A good afternoon was had.

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