Friday, 9 February 2018

Not Much Action.

Due to the dataminers being a little bit less active this month due to the cold weather, I've been concentrating on putting church magazines on to the Archive Website. I phoned Tootlepedal to see if I could pop down and pick up some more magazines and he said I could and there would be coffee and treacle scones waiting for me courtesy of Dropscone. I didn't stay too long and left them to continue with their conversation, it was also good to see Tootle pedal is recovering well from his latest injuries. Before I left we arranged to go for a stroll in the afternoon.

Tootlepedal picked me up at the arranged time then we headed up to the bird feeders to see if  there was much action, but there wasn't.

Bird on the Wire

Chaffinch looking hungerly at one of the feeders.

decisions, decisions.

After a brief twenty minutes we decided to go and view the snowdrops at Holmhead. We stopped off at the Kilngreen as Tootlepedal wanted to try and get a shot of a flying seagull.....

........but most of them were perched on a fence post each enjoying the sunshine.

Mr drake admiring his reflection .

 Tried to capture the crop of cones on the higher branches but doesn't quite work

The light on the trees along the Lodge Walks was quite striking.

A change from a flying bird.

Good to see estate workers planting new hardwood trees.

Holmhead snowdrops


An attractive section of wall
 I just loved the silhouette of the holy leaves on the trunk.

More felling

Getting prepared to regenerate.

Inspector Moss.

Through the tunnel

A feeble attempt at macro.

This seriously needs addressed.

It's been a day for sunlit trees

A burning bush

Onward and downward.

We returned to the car and Tootlepedal kindly took me home.


  1. I really enjoyed the walk.

  2. That was a great walk. I'm glad you had some nice weather for it. The sun makes those snowdrops light right up!
    That wasn't a bad macro attempt.

    1. I'm going to make a real attempt at macro but with a tripod next time.

  3. Seeing your "Through the Tunnel" reminds me I must walk that route again sometime soon. Used to be one of my favourites but I got very muddy on it once when they were cutting trees and for a while stopped using it

  4. Walking conditions greatly improved Gavin.