Saturday, 31 August 2019

Maybe Tommorrow

It's nearly a week now since I've been out on my ebike, this is due to poor weather and some commitments. After some deliberation this afternoon I set out towards Westerkirk and beyond, hoping to increase my mileage to over 100 miles, but unfortunately things didn't quite go to plan, I was cycling into a strong crosswind which got stronger the further up the valley I got, by the time I got to Carlesgill I took the decision to turn back as I was starting to be buffeted into the middle of the road at times, not good for passing traffic or myself. I got home safely but 10 miles short of the 100,  maybe Tomorrow. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon preparing some extra prints for the upcoming exhibition the camera club is holding at Eskdalemuir Hub. The bulk of the exhibition is from Canonbie Church cafe where they have been displayed over the summer months.

The extra prints are

Out With The Girls

Railway Boys

Maid in the Kitchen


  1. The pictures looked good when they were hung up in the exhibition.

  2. Thank you, all the pictures looked good when hung, a nice exhibition.