Sunday, 25 August 2019

Rattle n Roll

I woke to another day of brilliant sunshine greeting me when I opened the curtains, hopefully we'll have a few more days mini heatwave. My intention was to have a lazy restful day after yesterdays mini marathon and give my posterior time to recover. 

In the morning I passed some of the time making chilli con carne, maybe not the thing to have on a hot day like this, but never the less it was quiet delicious. By mid afternoon I got the urge for a short pedal around the Longfauld contradictory to what I said previously.

The first part was fine on tarmac but coming down the Longfauld side was a bit shake rattle n roll but never the less I got round intact and got some nice shots on the way.

 Oh for a quiet lie down

Making use of the weather

I got these shots whizzing along on my ebike

 Whizzing down to Potholm Brig.....

.......and I'll leave you with some shots of the rest of my short pedal.


  1. Cycling is addictive. It is great to see you getting full use of the new bike. Lovely pictures again giving a flavour of the beautiful weather.

  2. I have not walked round the Potholm for many years and your trip reminded me of the tranquility of the area. (I am sure that this was not affected by you''whizzing''silently by)