Sunday, 8 September 2019

Fine Dining

The weather gods were obviously in a good mood today as we woke up to fine weather which lasted the full day. I was in a lazy mood when I got up and mooched about in my dressing gown longer than was necessary. When I got myself together I had light breakfast and watched the Great North Run for a while and marveled at the fitness and tenacity of the everyday runners, I also was hoping for a glimpse of Jenny Pike who was running in aid of Eden Valley Hospice in memory of her daughter Anna. She did extremely well by getting round in 3 hrs 24 mins. 

I then had a run across to Gretna Gateway to get some footwear for the up and coming holiday next weekend to Bulgaria with George & Kenny. When I got home I put on my cycling togs and had a leisurely pedal round the usual route via The Bloch and Claygate. 

In the evening  George, Kenny and myself had planned to go out of town for a meal. George kindly drove us all out to The Powfoot Hotel where In my opinion the best food is being served in the area at the moment at a more than reasonable price, and in delightful surroundings and a view over the Solway Firth from the dining area which is quite stunning.

Powfoot Hotel

The view from the car park

Anthorn Radio Station

My meal, wood pigeon encased in black pudding and parma ham


  1. The food at Powfoot looked excellent but we could not identify it,can you enlighten us please?

    1. It was wood pigeon encased in black pudding and Parma ham.