Thursday, 19 November 2020

A Debatable Question

 After some pretty dismal weather these last few days it was nice to wake up to nice clear blue skies and sunshine. I spent the most of the morning doing some much needed basic housework and generally tidying up before deciding whether to go for a cycle run or for a walk and settled for a walk. I recently tweaked my shoulder reaching into a lower cupboard and since it has got steadily worse to the point reaching forward on the ebike to grip the handlebars is painful enough to abandon cycling sadly at the moment. 

I jumped into the car and after purchasing the E&L and filling up with petrol I made my way to the Back o' Tarras for my walk. I did find changing gear quite difficult due to my shoulder and wouldn't like to drive any distance at the moment, so that's cycling and driving put on the back burner for the time being although I'm not intending doing much cycling over the winter months.

I stopped and took a look over the land which I suppose this part is no longer debatable after the successful buyout recently, or is that a debatable question?

I was attracted to these rather colourful fungi on the roadside.

The picnic tables t the car park are looking well weathered but I think they have a rather nice rustic appeal.

Th trees are looking rather skeletal against the sky now they've shed their summer coats.

It was nice to walk beside and listen to the Tarras burn rushing over the rocks.

It was a good walk but I didn't go as far as I intended but just nice to get out for a couple of hours away from the constant depressing daily news we are faced with at the moment but we've got the freedom of our local countryside and things could always be much worse. 

On reflection I can understand why exiles make a beeline for this truly wonderful spot on our doorstep.

Later in the evening I had my usual video call with my friend Malcolm which cheered me up no end an my apologies for my earlier mournful waffle.


  1. My favourite place for a walk and yesterday was such a lovely day between two awful days. Excellent photos Sandy. Hope your shoulder gets better soon.

  2. I hope that your shoulder gets sorted, Sandy. I enjoyed your pictures from your walk a lot.

  3. Nae luck, one injury after another, hope it clears up soon. Back o' Tarras is a gem of a place, just another of Langholm's beauty spots.
    We used to take the kids to the wee haugh downriver from Cronksbank, we had some lovely days there but it seems to be a bit overgrown now.
    Enjoyed the blog as usual!