Monday, 10 January 2011

Childhood Memories

The Muckle Toon and beyond

Depleted Energy Levels
As it was a excellent afternoon for a walk I decided to put my depleted energy levels to the test and head along towards Jimmy's Brae and the Meikleholm. The going was a slippy so I went with caution. 

A Fairytale Appeal
Heading along Holmwood Drive I paused to post a letter Mrs Gill had given me. As I passed the small cottage at the top of Jimmy's Brae I thought it was looking rather sad and dilapidated now. When I was a young boy I always thought it had some magical fairytale appeal. This applies to quite a few of  the Buccleuch Estates properties North and South lodge being two. What it's original use was I'm not sure, a farm worker or shepherd perhaps, if anyone can enlighten me please do so, but I can remember it being occupied by Wull Kinnear. If my memory serves me well he was employed as a woodsman for the Duke and he used to enthral us all with stories of his exploits in WW2, which was OK for a short while, then you were planning your own wartime escape. Maybe we should have listened a bit more.

When We Were Boys
As you pass the cottage the track bends to the right and leads past Meikleholm Side and up towards Meikleholm hill. After about 300yds the track bears left along the foot of the hill towards the Becks Burn. When we were boys we would go as far up the track as possible and sledge all the way down and with some skilful negotiation and lots of luck you could end up on Eskdale Street. Thank goodness there was less traffic in those days. Today's condition was perfect for this but sadly there wasn't sledge to be seen. 

Gritting or Lack of
Jimmy Kingstree

At the top of the track I met Jimmy Kingstree returning the small holding he shares with his son Steven. We discussed the weather and the reluctance of the council to grit the roads and pavements in  the area, this seemed to have annoyed Jimmy no end. I bade him fair well and headed further along the track. As I was still recovering from Flu I decided not to push my luck and head for home. as I passed the aforesaid cottage I noticed a Murder of crows roosting on the treetops. I thought they looked quite sinister. A Murder of Crows

Sledging Route

Sledging Route

Sledging Route

Sledging Route looking down

Towards Becks Burn

Looking towards Meikleholm Hill



A Murder of Crows


  1. Those were the days. I used to fall off and cry a lot when I went sledging. Things haven't changed much over the years.

  2. I must admit I have never heard of the term "A Murder of Crows" so thank you for providing that information. I must admit I did manage a little bit of sledging during the Christmas break as my Granddaughter Hannah brought her sledge over from Newcastle and we had a go in the park. What is even better she left it behind so maybe you can borrow it next time we have some snow.