Tuesday, 19 April 2011

An Honourable Visit

Almost recovered
Our darling grandsons came to stay with us for a few days last week, so I think I am almost recovered and ready to do a small blog. Don't get me wrong they are wonderful boys but my old body struggles to keep up nowadays, but I must admit the house was deathly quiet after they had left and it was a short time before we were wishing they were back.

Stubholm Bank
After the recent felling on Stubholm Bank ( better known locally as Gaskells walk) I decided to go and see for my self the devastation that had caused. I was a bit of a shock as there had always been trees as far back as I can remember and found the whole thing quite alien and rather desolate. You can judge for yourselves by the following photos.

Entrance to Gaskells Walk from Wauchope road

Nature always seems to find a place to survive

A place of rest

A place of rest

Looking on to the Corseholm

The knowe on the top left was a great spot for wild strawberries many years ago, I wonder if given time they will return?

past the worst

Looking on to Meikleholm corner

I don't think this part of the walk has ever changed
Stubholm Farm

Great Spotted Woodpeckers
We have been honoured lately by a visit from a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers. So this means we will have to keep the bird feeder supplied with nuts for some time to come. Hopefully if they breed they will bring their young to the garden.


  1. I'm sorry about the strawberries. Interesting pictures.

  2. Sandy
    I am advised by Buccleuch Estates that they will be returning the walk to the way it was before if not better and the eventual new trees will be deciduous not evergreens so this will improve the habitat. I bet within a year the area is starting to regenerate and it will be a lovely walk with good views and loads of flowers like Bluebells.