Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mr & Mrs Woodpecker and Family

Things didn't turn out as planned
Due to the weather things didn't turn out as planned this weekend, so I ended up in the back bedroom catching up on some archive scanning. Bobby Morrison gave me some of his own slides and some of Matt Ewart's ages ago so at last I have finally managed to finish them. I did Matt's a while ago but have only now managed to get round to Bobbie's. He has amassed a super collection of past Operas and Dramas, especially in the sixties, that will be going on to the Archive website soon.

This paid dividends
As scanning can be a tedious job I passed the time looking out the bedroom window watching the pair of Woodpeckers that have been coming into the garden the past couple of months. We always stop feeding the birds about mid May, but this year I decided to leave one peanut feeder in the hope we would be rewarded with some young Woodpeckers. This paid dividends, Mr & Mrs Woodpecker arrived this afternoon with two children and spent a considerable time feeding them, much for our entertainment. Unfortunately I have no photographic evidence due to the recent disaster with my camera, it was still a pleasure and honour to witness.

Before the audition

We got the part!

In the photos are Jake Reid, Billy Smith, Neil Kyle and Billy Scott. Well done lads, bet you went down a storm. Obviously Brad Pitt had nothing to fear!


  1. Good scanning, pity about the camera

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