Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Whitsheils Walk

In Need of a Good Trim
The weather looked quite settled when I woke this morning. So after showering and a light breakfast I set about attending to some of the neglected jobs that was waiting to be done about the garden. The rambling rose around the bower at the top of the garden was desperately in need of a good trim back as was the honeysuckle. I also took the opportunity to give the bower its self a much needed coat of preservative. After I was finished I lifted the last of the early potatoes which have been excellent this year.

A Nice Feeling of Solitude
Whitshiels Wood
 After lunch I decided to get out with the new camera. I stopped off at Neil & Gwen Grant's with some potatoes and cherry tomatoes. I parked the car at the Kilngreen, purchased a bottle of water at the Ice Cream van and headed off towards the Whitshiels. I cut up the track on the left hand side as you turn on to the Copshaw road and didn't have to go far until I felt a nice feeling of solitude. That's the beauty of living here.

 I need to consult Tootlepedal
The water I purchased came in quite handy as the atmosphere was very muggy and humid. I did plenty of experimentiong with the camera and was quite pleased with some of some of the results, though I need to consult Tootlepedal  on how to capture fast moving objects which he seems to be starting to master

A Matter or Opinion
The wagtails were very obliging and kindly posed for me on the fence posts. whether I have done them justice is a matter of opinion. I continued up onto the Copshaw road and crossed over towards the Golf Course. By this time I was feeling the heat and was glad to be heading for home, but I still managed too shoot of a few more shots.

Copshaw Road

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  1. It looks like a very good walk. It did get hot though, didn't it.