Monday, 30 July 2012

The Day Turned Out Well

No Red Squirrel this morning, but a young Woodpecker paid us a visit instead. It hopped back and forth along the telegraph wire pausing long enough for me to get some shots. After a while it flew on to the post next to the nut feeder and spent a considerable amount of time deliberating, "should I, shouldn't I" before finally landing on the nut feeder, quite successfully, and Mum wasn't there to see it.

After a quick walk along to the post box, I took the camera into the garden. 
What Mrs Gill refers to as The Bee Bush, was a hive of activity with that wonderful low humming sound that gets louder as your ears get tuned in, is a real summer treat.

The Tumbler tomatoes have started to ripen but I'm not expecting too much.

Later Mrs Gill drew my attention to a small moth that had came to rest in the palm of her hand. I failed to identify it even though it had distinguishing markings, so if anyone has an idea of what it is let me know.

Apart from a heavy shower this morning the rest of the day turned out well. I made the most of the good weather and set about painting the fence between Bruce and myself this afternoon. It's a job that has been put off for a considerable amount of time. Mrs Gill was  so impressed enough to make me a lovely tea of gammon steak, new potatoes and leeks, which was devoured with relish.


  1. We have a Bee Bush as well and on the few occassions I have sat out in the garden this summer it has been full of Bees. This morning was a perfect example as the sun was shining and it was quite warm and the Buzz in the background was most enjoyable.

  2. Sorry you did not see much when you helped Tom to fill the Moorland Feeders recently. I was there on Saturday with grandaughter Hannah and there were 3 Woodpeckers and 1 Tree Creeper plus loads of Siskins and Tits. It was spoiled by millions of midges but still good to see that it is being well used.

  3. Good pictures. Good day. Good blog.