Saturday, 18 August 2012


Ewes Valley (second best in colour view)
An Early Start
Tootlepedal picked me up very early this morning as we needed to get our photos staged in plenty of time into Canonbie Flower Show. There was a misunderstanding with arrangements as to when Mr T would pick me up but after a hasty wash and cup of tea we were ready to go.  We arrived just after 7am, and there were plenty of industrious people busily going about their business. The morning had brought torrential rain and seemed to be much worse in Canonbie. Fortunately most of the exhibits were in the village hall, but the vegetable exhibitors were having to wade about through a rather large puddle that had formed inside the marquee that had been erected out side the hall. 

Stiff Opposition
As we were putting our entries up Corrie Graham arrived with his entries. When we were finished we took the opertunity to have a look round at the photos that had been entered. It seems we have some stiff opposition, as there is some excellent entries. We now have to wait until 2pm before we are allowed into the hall to see the results.

Sterling Work
This is a well run and supported show and the organisers and volunteers should be congratulated upon there sterling work.

A Good Assurance (weather wise)
We were assured by some of the local worthies that the rain would abate by lunch time and it would be a fine afternoon. Sure enough come midday the rain stopped and by mid afternoon it was nice and sunny.

Time to Return
After lunch I had my usual nap, did the suduko and by that time it was time to return to the show to see how I had got on.

A Pleasant Surprise
I got a more than a pleasant surprise. I came first and second in the local view class, second in the colour view class and best of all first and best in show in the colour bird or animal class. I promptly phoned Mrs Gill to announce my success. 

Best in Show

Hollows Bridge (best local view)

Byreburn (second best local view)

Tootlepedal did extremely well with his photos and also managed to win a bag of peat in the raffle. Stan Wilson, did well with gaining most points in the black and white section. 

The Main Attraction

During the afternoon I found time to have wander around. One of the main attractions was the chainsaw sculptor, who was very entertaining and was enjoying some wisecracks with his audience. I met up with Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal at this point and we adjourned to the hall as Mr T had yet to find out how well his photos had done.

Tea and Cakes
After viewing all the displays I joined Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal and George and Linda Laidlaw for some tea and cakes that were being served. We had light discussion on how the photo section could be improved to attract more entries. A few good ideas were put forward. 


A young apprentice being put through some extra training


  1. Congratulations. I like the Ewes Valley even better than the nuthatch, and best of all I like the whole rollicking post. Always a pleasure to visit.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments.

  3. Well done Sandy. I love the photo of the Nuthatch and look forward to seeing what surprises you have in store for next year. I need to get a better camera so I can compete with you and Tom as the one I have got is OK for digital photos on my blog but I need more magnification for wildlife photos.

  4. Well done with winning the photography competitions Sandy.
    My favourite is the Ewes Valley landscape, it's stunning.
    I've watched Rodney carving a few times, and he's awfully good at it.
    A very enjoyable post.

    1. Rodney seems to be a bit of a character. I really enjoyed watching him.

  5. I like the Ewes valley a lot too. I'm lucky to have you as an example and as someone to ask for help and guidance.