Wednesday, 23 January 2013

All Went to Plan

Shot of the Day
Coal Tit

There was still some snow still visible on the hills when I opened the curtains this morning but no evidence of a fresh fall through the night. I started the day with a breakfast of tea and toast accompanied with some Wauchope Cottage marmalade, Tootlepedal certainly knows a thing or two about marmalade making, it is delicious! Sometime later the phone went, it was Mr T to say coffee and scones would be served at 10:30 if I would care to join him and Dropscone. When I arrived we had been joined by an extra guest Arthur Bell. Fortunately Dropscone had made enough scone to go around which were as delicious as the W C marmalade.

After morning coffee I set of with Tootlepedal to drop of his bike at Longtown where he was getting a rear mirror fitted and then on to Westlinton to pick up some sunflower hearts and peanuts, picking up Tootlepedal's bike on return. We were admiring a bicycle outside which had wheels and tyres that would have fitted a motor bike. We were informed that they were designed for cyclists in Alaska but reckoned they would make good beach bikes on the nearby Solway coast.

We then headed to the feeder station as it was Tootlepedals turn to fill the feeders as planned. 

So as far as the day went " all went to plan"


  1. Some excellent photographs as usual Sandy. I've still to take a picture of the Nuthatch that regularly visits my neighbours feeders.

  2. Love your Coal Tit "Shot of the Day"

  3. An excellent coal tit. I enjoy reading your blog and finding out what I did.