Saturday, 11 May 2013

Down by the Riverside

Shot of the Day

The weather was wet and miserable when I got up this morning so after checking the nest cam for any action which there was none. I set about adding information to photographs on the Langholm Archive website. That didn't last long as I lost the connection to the site for some reason.

At about mid-day the Blue Tits reappeared and the female went back on the eggs. I watched the male flit back forth from the feeders to the nest box bringing tit bits. Eventually they both flew off revealing five eggs which is great as there were only three when I checked this morning. I spent a good bit of the rest of the morning looking out of the window watching a good variety of birds on the feeders. The little field mouse  that has taken up residency in the garden steps provided an entertaining few minutes scampering up and down the steps with sunflower seeds that had been missed by the birds. Later the Tits returned with  material and started covering up the eggs leaving them well insulated. 

After lunch I went down to Wauchope Cottage and suggested a riverside walk near Irving House on the river Esk. The weather had taken a turn for the better and by the time we set off along  the river bank we were blessed with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. 
This is my favourite stretch of the Esk on either side of the river. Tootlepedal seemed to be very impressed and said he would return sometime with Mrs Tootlepedal. 

I must apologise for the haphazard way the photos are put on but I seem to have sprained my wrist somehow, and I am having great difficulty in using my laptop. I'll post a Nestcam update as soon as possible. If you want to see more of our riverside walk visit  Tootlepedals blog.


  1. I'm sorry about your wrist. Look after it carefully. Lovely walk.

  2. I was just commenting on Mr. Ts blog about how beautiful your river is. It really reminds me of the Ashuelot River that appears in my blog on occasion. I like the shot of the slug!
    I hope your wrist pain isn't due to anything serious and isn't long lasting.