Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nestcam Update

Sadly we are now down to three chicks. Hopefully they are strong enough to survive and fledge. I'm not sure what the problem has been but I think it could be poor parenting mixed with bad luck as the mother seems to spend an awful lot of time pampering the chicks rather than going out searching for food.
I'm absolutely;y amazed at the rate of growth they put on, almost hourly now. My grandsons Joe & Sandy are coming to stay with me on Saturday and I was hoping they would be able to see them but way they developing they might be gone, but it would be nice if they fledged when the boys were here.

Shot of the Day will return when I get one


  1. I hope that they are still there for the boys to see.

  2. They do look like it'll be any day now.

  3. That's life in the natural world Sandy. I remember while working on the ports, all the years we'd watch the new ducklings and know that their numbers would diminish by the day. I guess it's true of life universally.
    Hope these three make it.