Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Mist Opportunities

Shot of the Day

I set out to compile this blog last night but due to the laptop having so much on its memory it was taking for ever to complete the simplest of functions that I had to transfer a vast amount of data onto an external hard drive which meant I had to leave it chugging away overnight. 

There was quite a bit of mist when I got up but it soon cleared away to brilliant sunshine and blue skies. Suspecting this could be the last day of opportunities for some good autumnal shots I headed off with the intention of going round the pheasant pens.

This was the view that encouraged me to get out with the camera

There was some nice light picking up the colour around the base of the trees as I walked down through the wood.

Thia group of fungi caught my eye as i was heading for the Jubilee Bridge by the school.

I could see the mist was threatening to engulf the town again so I continued on hoping I would get round before the mist blotted out the sun. I needn't have worried the sun stayed with me for the duration of my walk

I found this seat rather colourful attraction

I liked this avenue as I passed through the gate near the Duchess Bridge

The Duchess Bridge after its recent refurbishment

I continued in an anti clockwise direction stopping to take a panorama shot on the way.

On the way back I stopped off at the Information Hub and gave Tootlepedal a hand to hang pictures for the camera club exhibition. I was rewarded with a cup of coffee and the offer of a jaunt up to the White Yett with Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal which I readily accepted. When we set off the mist had started to creep up the valley and we wondered if it was going to be a dismall walk. By the time we got to the car park at the McDiarmid memorial we were above the mist and in brilliant sunshine. Mrs Tootlepedal elected to stick to the road for her walk and set of with her binoculars while we set of up the track towards the monument.

We were joined by a new member at the camera club on Monday night who specialized in light painting I thought the memorial would make a good subject

We had some casual observers on the way

Looking back to where Mrs Tootlepedal was walking

Langholm's down there somewhere

Looking south, normally you would be looking over the Solway plain towards the Lake District fells.

On returning we came upon a Fog bow which I had never heard of before so I felt quite privileged.

This panorama was taken earlier before the mist filled the Ewes valley