Thursday, 5 April 2018

Nothing Interesting

It was nice to wake up to sunshine this morning after having spent a rather cold and wet Easter at Beverley, but apart from the weather it was nice to spend time with Cliff and Margaret, who are excellent hosts. My travelling companion was Cliffs’ brother Kenny who kindly did the driving. We were rerouted due to an accident on the A66 which took us through the north Yorkshire Dales which would have been very pleasant any other time but when you want to get from A to B quick as possible it was a bit of a bind. We arrived but unfortunately the weather made photography rather difficult.....

......but I did like this one of Beverley Market Place

It was my turn to fill the feeders at the moorland station this morning and Tootlepedal kindly accompanied me and after filling the feeders  we spent some time in the hide hoping for something interesting to come along, but as busy as it was nothing interesting came along. 

It was nice to see some frog spawn appear in the little pond that was created adjacent to the hide.

After lunch I took a run out locally to see if I could make use of the good weather and get some local landscape shots on the Sorbie road which connects the Ewes valley with Westerkirk.

These are the results