Monday, 4 June 2018

Sunday Stroll.

Apart from doing some odd jobs around the house I spent a very lazy Sunday in front of the TV. By late afternoon I decided to get off my backside and go for a stroll round the Lodge Walks. After the recent spell of sunny warm weather followed by showers the vegetation was at it's best.

I passed over the Duchess Bridge....

.....and stopped to admire the view upstream.

I passed the soaring Eagle which seemed to be keeping a hungry eye on.....

.......this small flock of sheep on the Castleholm.

This azalea is quite eye-catching and goes well with the green.

I passed the South Lodge......

....and made my back into town past the Kilngreen where the annual Muckle Toon Adventure Festival is being well advertised.

Recently brightly decorated bicycles have appeared at various locations in the town, and I suspect they are in conjunction with the adventure festival, I must congratulate who ever came up with this idea as it brightens up the town no end at a time when spirits need to be lifted, and if I was a stranger passing through I would seriously be tempted to stop and explore the place.


  1. Excellent photos Sandy. Its a pity there isn't a smell facility on computers as I went a walk on Sunday as well and after the rain the smell of all the flowers and also wild garlic was very strong.

  2. Thanks Gavin, my thoughts too regarding the smell.

  3. What a great value walk that was.

  4. Come on Sandy---give us a blog we have sold our wee house in Langholm and are missing your grand photies of the area!!!