Monday, 29 November 2010

No Starlings

Starlings above Gretna Service station 
There was a fair bit of snow lying when I got up this morning, so I decided to put on my walking boots to go down the Galaside for my lift. As it turned out there wasn't much need for them but when I got to Carlisle it was a different story and it was a sensible move after all.

Reflecting over the weekend, we had arranged to meet up with our friends from Carlisle at Gretna to see the famous Starlings. We met at the service station just north of Gretna and set about waiting for the anticipated event. Although there was some flocks of reasonable sizes flying overhead they never materialised into the usual mass aerial display that we have been entertained with in the past. Fred had spoke to the car  park sweeper prior to our arrival and said they had been in full display the previous night so I don't know what happened on Saturday night perhaps someone can give me an explanation.
I was rather disappointed as Fred and Irene hadn't seen this wonderful spectacular event. I'm wondering if it has something to do with Fred as he came up to see the Hen Harriers several times in the summer but was disappointed every time. After about an hour we gave up and headed for the Gables Hotel and had a hearty meal that cheered us all no end.
The journey home was rather treacherous especially coming past the MOD sight between Gretna and Longtown where we passed a car getting pulled out of the ditch by a recovery wagon. I drove very cautiously all the way home not wanting to be in the same situation. The photos I've put on the blog are from last year but it does give an indication of this wonderful sight nature has provided us with. So hopefully I will have some more recent ones in the near future.


  1. Excellent pictures - it's one of the little wonders that nature provides. I don't think I've seen this for a couple of years although there is no shortage of starlings at the bird table here in Kirkcudbright. A fellow blogger writes on her facebook page a few weeks ago that the starling population is down by 70% which might explain the lack of this sight.

  2. Great pictures. I am sorry that the display wasn't great this year. I've thinking of going. Perhaps I'll wait and see a bit.