Sunday, 14 November 2010

A Sunday Danner

After another shamefully lazy weekend, I managed took get myself up of the sofa and venture out this afternoon.

Heading along Holmwood Drive I passed by Dalaran Care Home latterly known as Holmwood House, unfortunately the boundary wall seems to in some state of disrepair. I don't know if this is due to the passage of time or the present day pastime of "lets see if we can knock it down", sadly I think the later. This is a grand house commanding great views across the town. The house was built in 1885 for Henry Graham a local manufacturer.

My memory of Holmwood House is of when it was a Hotel and pub. From the mid 70's until late 80's it was very much the social centre of  the Holmwood estate, in fact on a Friday night you had to get there early to book your place on the dart board, with so much of the custom coming up from the town. It was a Mecca for those who wanted a good friendly night out. It is a shame it lasted such a short time as it truly brought the community together.

I continued down Jimmy's Brae admiring Kevin McCartney very tasteful extension to his house. I passed by Wauchope Cottage in the hope of a glimpse of Mr Tootlepedal's Waxwings but was out of luck, probably to late in the day. I made my through to the high St and had a look in the local estate agents window where there was a variety of properties for sale at various prices and locations. Some I noticed had been on for a considerable time.

Sunset over Holmwood
As the light was getting to low for any decent photos I made my way home by the way of the Kiln Green and the new path on the Castleholm, but I did manage to take this photo of a lovely sky over the Meikleholm hill. The lines in the sky are our washing lines so it is a warts and all photo.

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