Friday, 12 November 2010

The Usual Friday Night

Wish I could blog like Mr Tootlepedal, he seems to can make the ordinary most interesting.

Anyway last night I picked up Mr Tootlepedal en route to the Archive Centre. Jean phoned earlier and said she was feeling slightly unwell and decided to give tonight's session a miss. Mr T entered the outstanding E & L entries which kept him busy for awhile while I fiddled about cleaning up some photos We have a few new volunteers (slaves as Mr Tootlepedal light-heartedly refers to them) working on the E & L indexing now, which is very much appreciated and encouraging. After we had finished we adjourned to the Douglas for our other passion of research.

I took my car into college today for a pre MOT check, so all seems well and should pass with flying colours. I must admit working in the Motor Vehicle department at Carlisle College can be challenging as it was today, but it does have it's perks.

After I arrived home I made myself a bacon roll for my tea and had little nap, then went off for my usual Friday night pint of Guinness at the British Legion. I really enjoy this session as I usually meet up with Mark Grieve and his Dad. Tonight it was Ian Hotson's 70'th birthday party and it seemed to be a very jolly affair, with lots of family and friends arriving. Mark and I had an interesting conversation with Stevie and Claire Kinstrey who are neighbours of Ian, about Dog fouling of all things. After a lengthy discussion we all agreed that it was a subject that irresponsible dog owners should be made to address.

Sunset near Gretna
Unlike Mr Tootlepedal I don't carry my camera about with-me as much as I should so I can't show any recent photos, so I will have to delve into my archives for my two humble offerings.
Browhouses near Gretna


  1. And not a Starling in sight at Gretna

  2. Thank you for your polite words. I find your blog most interesting too