Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Kaleidoscope of butterflies

A Kaleidoscope
Just the other day, both Mrs Gill and I commented on the scarcity of butterflies this year'
I happened to glance out of the living room window early this afternoon to find the Buddleia was playing host to a kaleidoscope of butterflies that turned out to be Red Admirals. This was quite encouraging but short lived as they moved on just shortly after I produced my camera, but, I managed to get a few pleasant shots.

An entertaining blogger
I know I receive  most of my readers through Tootlepedal, but if you are new to my postings please visit his blog as he has got a couple of excellent pics of a sparrow hawk in his garden, also he is a very informative and entraining blogger. 
Having a feast
Just as I was about to retire to bed I went out to put some crumbs on the wall top for the birds in the morning. I have often done this and found everything gone next day. I just took it for granted that some nocturnal creatures or the early bird had got there first. So, I got quite a surprise as to who was having a feast. There slugs of varying sizes gorging on crumbs I had put out earlier. I'm afraid the picture quality is quite poor but now I know they are present I will be better prepaired.


  1. We haven't seen a coloured butterfly for months. Good pictures.

  2. Thanks. It was just a chance encounter.

  3. Snap Sandy, and I love the slugs.

  4. They looked quite ferocious, chomping away.