Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bonnie Brambling's, Stunning Starlings

Yesterday I spent a good hour in the garden tidying up and cutting back. Anne would have had me doing this task weeks ago but getting my head round it has been difficult. When I was done I felt really good and thought, a job well done. This morning I decided to clear some of her cosmetic stuff out of the bathroom and this time I felt saddened.

Mid morning I got a call from Tootlepedal to remind me we had arranged to visit the moorland feeder station. He said he was going off on a bicycle ride and could I pick him up at 2 pm. The rest of the morning was spent as I said. It was also decide that we would visit the starlings at Gretna accompanied by Mrs Tootlepedal.

Tootlepedal checking his camera

I put the camera as close as I dared and used the new radio remote. It definitely makes a difference having the camera on a tripod but I think the sound of the shutter was making the Woodpecker rather nervous. I'll have to see if there is any way I can dull down the noise. I was particularly pleased with the Brambling photos.

When we got to Gretna we went to the usual place at the lay bye just passed Smiths Hotel. When we got out of the car Tootlepedal noticed they were further south, more or less where we had come from. We jumped back in the car and headed back to more or less where we had come from followed by the only other car that was in the lay-by. 


  1. Thanks for a really good day out. Your feeder pictures are great.

  2. A great set of pictures Sandy. I filmed a small murmuration of starlings over Stranraer a couple of years ago. I'd intended to upload it to YouTube until I saw some already on offer.There's a particularly watchable one by Dylan Winter. Mine wont be published.