Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Contrast in the Weather

Shot of the Day

Looking towards Timpen 

There was a great contrast in the weather compared to yesterdays sunshine we were graced with snow falling moderately for most of the day. As I had some on-line college work to do I thought I could combine it with the feeder cam and camera, I could work in the comfort of my living room occasionally looking at the screen taking photos at leisure. 

"this is my good side guys"

Earlier Malcolm phoned me to enquire about the weather as he and Carole intended coming up to the Moorland Feeder Station. I advised him against it was a long way to come to sit in the freezing cold with the possibility of not seeing very much. 

Having had enough of the on-line module I had a run up to the feeder station but only stayed  a short time as there was little to see and it was starting to snow quite heavily.

The moorland feeder station looking rather bleak

Yesterdays scene

The same scene today

When I got back into town the snow wasn't quite as heavy so I parked at the Kilngreen with the intention of walking round by Holmhead. 

There was a welcoming party to meet me when I arrived

I was given a flypast. I felt very important

The local flying display team

I headed off over the Sawmill Brig

It' amazing how much shelter this tree gives the ground around even though it's bare of leaves.

I like he way that the snow enhances the branches

Looking rather bleak on Timpen

As I went I took various photos that took my interest. I noticed a padlock and chain on a post the looked quite promising for an arty shot. Once again I realised that a tripod is necessary for this kind of photography.

As I crouching in different position to take this arty shot I saw a figure approaching, to anyone else I would have looked quite strange bobbing up and down but I needn't have worried, it was Mrs Tootlepedal out to enjoy a preamble herself and she is used to Tootlepedal and myself's camera antics.

After a short while I was caught up by David "Big Deev" McVittie. Big Deev is a fellow photographer but on more of a professional level than Tootlepedal and myself. He told me he was out exercising as he needed to loose about four stone by April. Bearing in mind David is a big chap at any standards standing at about 6" 6". He told me he was on a Herbalife Diet which involves drinking high protein milkshakes throughout the day and a decent meal in the evening.  

He paused for me to take this photo with the intention I would take another in April

We carried on back to the Kilngreen where we parted, me to head for home and David to prepare to go to the Eskdale Hotel where he was going to celebrate his daughter's birthday with a steak and chips. I wish him good luck with weight loss regime.


  1. There should be some sort of health warning before you post pictures of Big Deev. I nearly had a stroke.

    1. That's what he'll be having if he doesn't stick to the diet.

  2. Some lovely photos Mr Gill, especially of the snowy trees and the road.

  3. Thank you Annabelle, I do like snowy trees they are natural abstract.

  4. Great pictures Sandy, you could be a professional. We got a sleety shower last night, I guess the Gulf Stream's doing it's job over this end. I wouldn't mind a covering though, snow makes for lovely photographs.

  5. Thanks Jim but I think profession is pushing it a bit. I did enjoy my walk and posting it. As you say it makes for nice photos.

  6. Big Deev is well named but I bet he reaches his target as he is a walk leader at the Muckle Toon Adventure Festival in May so will be fit as a fiddle by then.