Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cyril the Squirrel

Shot of the Day
Someone at work suggested I give the squirrel a name as it is coming so regular at the moment. So irrespective of sex I have christened it Cyril the Squirrel.

After tea I took a walk to try and get some shots of the Nuthatch that is nesting at Langholm Lodge. On the way there I stopped to admire these azaleas and indulge in their scent.

As I walked on a car passed me going a little too fast, but I liked the way dust that was caught in the evening sunlight.

When I got to the nest sight I didn't have to wait too long for the Nuthatch to appear. I ran off about seventy shots and only come away with one I was reasonably pleased with. For some reason I'm not getting my photos as sharp as I would like.

On my return I noticed this small group of Bluebells caught in the sunlight.