Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sweet Pickings

Shot of the Day

After a leisurely lie in I spent the rest of the morning completing the photo entries for Canonbie flower show. I'll post these after the show. After lunch I went and kept Tootlepedal company for about an hour whilst he did his stint at the tourist office at the Kilngreen. We spent the time in light discussion and I made a weak attempt to help with the crossword. I do admire anyone who attempts these cryptic puzzles never mind completing them as Tootlepedal does regularly. We arranged to meet later and go raspberry picking. This went well with Tootlepedal going off with our pickings to make some raspberry jam. The berries on the roadside were so abundant we filled our containers quite quickly which gave us ample time to climb up to Peden's View. This is where the Reverend Alexander Peden allegedly once preached in the days of the Covenanter movement in Scotland.

Tootlepedal viewing my shot of the day

Pedens Veiw