Thursday, 15 January 2015

Making Progress

Shot of the Year
Not being a much of a portrait photographer I was particularly proud of this portrait of Ross so it's my choice as Shot of the Year 

After breakfast I went to the Health Centre to get my toe dressing changed, this doubled up with an appointment to get my blood checked to see if I was on the correct dosage of warfarin. The nurse was pleased with the progress my toe was making and agreed to let me dress it on my own after tomorrow and report back next Thursday. When I left the Health Centre I did my weekly turn at filling the bird feeders at the Moorland Feeder Station. All the feeders and boards were completely empty, there must be plenty of hungry birds at the moment. The wind was so bitterly cold there was no pleasure in hanging around so I went to Wauchope cottage for coffee and scones with Tootlepedal and Dropscone. Tootlepedal informed me that the new hide was due to be erected next week at the feeders. 

As it's far too cold to venture out with the camera today my collection of shots that I took throughout last year which I had made up into a calendar.














  1. The hide won't be completed for a bit yet.

  2. I should've said due to start building next week.

  3. Thankfully we live in a beautiful place.

  4. Your calendar has a wonderful variety of urban and rural, tranquil and busy - lovely!

  5. I think I commented on your portrait when you first posted it Sandy. It is excellent. I love your calendar too.. I made one in 2005/6 and I promise myself I'll do another but I remember around February when It's too late.

  6. It's nice to have a reminder of the previous year Jim.