Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Good Day Out

I woke to some much needed sunshine which lifted my spirits and they were lifted even more when Tootlepedal phoned to inquire if I was interested in a jaunt to Eskrigg nature reserve at Lockerbie. I got myself ready and drove to Wauchope cottage for coffee before we left. I had to leave my DSLR at home as it was employed in a time-lapse I am attempting and was clicking away happily when I left so it was a perfect opportunity to put my new pocket cam through its paces. After coffee Mr and Mrs Tootlepedal and myself set off in their Kangoo but we only got to about a mile out of town when a suspicious light came on the dashboard rather than ignoring it we returned and it was all change into my car. 

Whilst Mrs Tootlepedal went off to explore part of the Annandale way we made our way to the reserve. 

The pond from the main hide

There was plenty bird activity when we arrived then......

.......squirrels started to arrive in abundance providing a couple of hours of entertainment

I wonder what this little guy is contemplating

Mrs Tootkepedal rejoined us for a while before we made tracks back to the car. On the return we came upon an unusual information point, what looked like logs...

.....when turned over they were all different species of timber.

I just loved the way the light radiated off these trees

Tootlepedal proudly shows off the staff he found....

We returned to the car and made our way into Lockerbie for a late lunch before returning home. This was an excellent day out with lovely friends and hopefully there will be many more over the coming months. All my shots were taken on my new pocket cam and I think the results are rather pleasing.


  1. We were near Eskrigg yesterday when we walked from Lockerbie to Hoddam along the Annandale Way. As we walked through Eskrigg we contemplated going to a hide so maybe just as well we didn't as it would have been full o Langholm folk. I will go back when my grandchildren are in Langholm as its without doubt the best place to see Red Squirrels

  2. Sensational results with the new camera.

  3. I love that shot of the squirrel looking at the water!

  4. It's really deep in thought you'd think!