Thursday, 11 February 2016

Talking at Talkin

We woke to another day of spirit lifting sunshine. After the long wet winter we have been having this was more than welcome but I'm sure the winter gods have'nt finished with us yet. After breakfast I made my way to the health centre for my regular blood check which determines the daily dose of warfarin I have to take. I've been attending the health centre on a weekly basis for a quite a while now. Getting my blood to an acceptable level is proving rather difficult, eating certain foods can upset it very easily so I gave to be careful what I eat. That done I went to the archive centre to print off some sheets for the data miners and while I was there I changed the window display.

On the way home I received a text from my friend Christine asking if I would like to meet her at Talkin Tarn for a stroll and some lunch at Talkin village. After lunch and a good chat we had a leisurely walk round the tarn and a nice cup of tea en-route. I took my new camera with me but in the excitement of yesterdays outing to Eskrigg I forgot to put it on charge so I only managed to get a few average shots for the blog.

It's hard to believe this run down building on the side of the tarn was one of the grandest hotels in the area not too many years ago

Talkin Tarn a beautiful place at any time  of year but well worth a visit in the Autumn.

This talented gentleman is busy sculpting the remains of a tree, it will be interesting to see the finished result.

We returned to our cars and went our separate ways. I stopped off at Whitesikes garden centre just outside Longtown to purchase a pair of secateurs, I've got a lot of much needed pruning to do in the garden.

In the evening I went to the British Legion to play carpet bowls even though I'm playing twice a week my skill level doesn't seem to be improving, never the less I really enjoy my two outings every week and there's good friendly company at both Ewes hall and the club and always someone on hand to give advice. I apologies for the lack of photos on this blog but as I've got blogging again I need to keep it up so a few is better than none.

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