Thursday, 20 August 2020

On The Road Again (almost)

 After a late breakfast I went down to Wauchope Cottage coffee with Tootlepedal in a nice shaded spot in the garden. I must admit even though things are starting to go over at the moment there is still a Riot of colour in Wauchope cottage garden at the moment. We had a nice easy chat with Tootlepedal telling me about this recent outing playing golf with Dropscone.  I couldn't stay too long as I had arranged to go into Carlisle to give my friend Kenny a left back as he was putting in his car into the garage to get serviced and it's annual MOT and due to the current Covid 19 situation there was no arrangement for him to get a courtesy car or a lift into town while the job was being done.

In the afternoon I had arranged to meet up with Tootlepedal for a short walk, to test my foot out which I'm sure most people know of my fairly recent operation to rectify problems with my foot and I must say at long last I did I feel a decent walk with no great discomfort which was quite encouraging as it has been a long haul both with lock down and having been laid up for a fair length of time after the operation.

I picked Tootlepedal up at the arranged time and headed down the A7  and parked just North of Irving House with' the intention of walking down the old A7 and saying what photographs we could take on the verge of the road. We had only gone a few yards when we discovered a path reading through the hedge on the roadside this seemed to be a well established path which eventually led down to the Fisherman's path behind Irving House, this we've discovered is a continuation of the part that we have walked many many times before and it was a great pleasure to go out for the first time in a long time with Tootlepedal and actually go on a path with never been on before.

My blogging has been sparse the last few months but that is due to circumstances which has affected us all in these trying times so hopefully I will get back into the way of blogging again even though it might be sporadic.So I'll leave you with some photographs of today's walk.

Tootlepedal informs me that he thinks there will be a good crop of scrog nuts this year. 

Some fine trees were growing along the riverbank.

I liked the way these two yew trees formed an arch.....

......and I was impressed that Tootlepedal dared to go through first to see it was safe beyond.

Early signs of Autumn

This is where the Tarras Burn meets the Esk and where we met the Fisherman's path, a truly tranquil spot to fish or just observe.

Irving House
Why no one has purchased this lovely pile beats me even though it is quite a sprawling building it is in beautiful surroundings and would take a fair bit of  money to turn it into some kind of viable business


  1. Good to hear that you are back in action, look forward to you
    ''getting on your bike'' and posting your routes and photies.

  2. It was good to be back walking with you, Sandy. The first of many, I hope.

  3. Nice to see you back walking again Sandy. We have missed your excellent photographs.