Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Good To Get Out

 After a late breakfast I decided to take advantage of the morning sunshine and get out on my ebike and give my foot a bit of a test. This was intended to be a relatively short pedal up to Wauchope school house and back, but when I got there and was having no trouble from my foot or any other part of my anatomy I decided to go continue round my favourite route by way of Barnglieshead. This is a distance of approximately 15 miles which is quite short in cycling terms but at the moment it suits me.
This was a nice relaxed pedal and it was really good to get out again and remain relatively pain free.

The following shots are just a few I took with my phone just to record the journey.

In the afternoon I took a run over the hill hoping to see the heather which I believe has been in full Bloom this year but unfortunately I was a few days too late as it was past its best, and had taken on an autumnal look. I stopped for a short while and and admired the views.

I discovered that I had a stowaway when I parked up.

Having just composed this blog in the evening I would just like to say that my foot pain now is nothing more than a niggle hopefully this continues but I will not be over doing it in the coming weeks. 


  1. Great that you had such a good run with no bad after effects. Good use of the phone camera too.

  2. It was nice to get out with no after affects. Phone cameras are a good backup.

  3. Glad to see that you are getting back to cycling and blogging.Photographs very evocative and nostalgic, really enjoyed the ones from the hill.

  4. A very encouraging comment, thank you.