Thursday, 17 September 2020

A Nice Pedal

We woke to a lovely sunny morning and after a bit of deliberating I put my blues to the side and set of on the ebike. I was unsure which route to take but decided on heading towards Canonbie on the by the way of Claygate (Clay Yett for local readers).

I found this old railway bridge rather interesting near The Mumbie

It was rather overgrown on the old rail track

The hedgerows are taking on autumnal colours and bearing fruit


Looking towards the Lake District fells which are providing a hazy mystical backdrop.

The road was blocked just after Claygate forcing me to turn and re route....

......which fortunately afforded different views

This buzzard took me by surprise but unfortunately the camera focused on the telegraph pole as I tried to get a shot.

I rerouted down past the Fairy Loup and onto the old road towards Canonbie.

Lots of ground works going on as I approached Canonbie

After Canonbie I was on my usual route heading towards the Bloch by way of Bruntsheilbog and back home.

The lines of this newly mown field caught my Eye

I felt as though I was being shadowed the whole journey

I apologies for the narrative being rather short, but this was a lovely pedal taken over a relaxed period of time and I was also able to complete 21 miles with the minimum of effort and after affects.
Also Blog Spot have changed their interface which is taking a bit of getting used  to.


  1. Great cycle ride and an excellent set of pictures, Sandy

  2. That looks like a nice ride! I'm glad you're able to get out and about again Sandy. I hope your foot continues to improve.

  3. Thank you, long may it continue.