Sunday, 31 October 2010

A Family Visit

Sunday 24th Oct
We rose early in preparation for our trip to Haddington to visit young Mr Gill and family for a few days. The journey must have been one of the most pleasurable we have undertaken in recent years, the sun was shining and showed off the Autumn tints to their full glory. Unfortunately I didn't stop to take any photos.
When we arrived, Kate and our grandsons Joe and Sandy had taken off to spend the afternoon with her Mum and Dad as her brother and family was visiting from Aberdeen and it had been a while since she had seen them. Anyway, Anne, Neil and myself took ourselves to the Maitland Hotel for Sunday lunch. This proved to be rather disappointing. The restaurant was of excellent standard, service OK but unfortunately the meal was rather mediocre. I could continue, but a gripe can become a groan then a moan which becomes boring!
Monday 25th Oct
After lunch we bundled the boys into the car and headed to Yellowcraigs beach. This is a lovely area on the East Lothian Coast just a short distance from North Berwick. well worth a visit if you are in the area. After Joe and Sandy got rid of some of their endless energy playing on the excellent play area adjacent to the car park we made our way to the beach. The light was of really good quality and provided the chance for some good photos. A newly married couple in full wedding gear with a photographer tow obviously intending to make use of the light conditions. Sandy was quite disgusted when the Groom showed his affections by giving the Bride a tender kiss, and made his disapproval very vocal "eeeeyuuch!!"
Tuesday 26th Oct
Kate came in from work had a quick breakfast then off to bed. The boys played quite happily until lunch time then took a bit of persuading when we suggested a visit to the Butterfly farm. I think Anne and  I enjoyed this more than the boys.Sandy has always had a likening for creepy crawlies, but wasn't to sure of the ones here, and neither wasn't to keen when it came to handling time. That was left up to Granpa.
Wednesday 27th Oct
After seeing the boys off to School and Nursery we set of for the Muckletoon. We had a leisurely drive home stopping off at Baxters in Selkirk for a very nice lunch. This has always been a popular stopping of place for travellers on the A7. The site was previously occupied by Selkirk Glass and has never lost any of its appeal and is well worth a visit.

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