Saturday, 23 October 2010

A kleidescope of Colour

After returning from a late morning shopping trip to Carlisle, I decided to make use of the excellent quality of light that was available for some good Autumnal shots. I donned my walking boots and made my way up Meikleholm to see if I could capture some the kaleidoscope of colour and textures that is gracing our valley at the moment, the results which you can see.
By the way Mr Tootlepedal your photo of the Toadstool was of excellent quality, but in future take a little more time and remove what's intruding in your frame, i.e. the blades of grass. Anyway I got so far along the new road that was constructed to extract the wood from the area, which is well worth investigating, that I noticed a rather heavy shower moving up the valley. So to avoid getting a good "drookin", I cut down through a rather dark and eerie part of the wood which lead me onto the Westerkirk road just a short distance from Holmwood. On entering the Estate I met Dan Borthwick who was busy constructing a fence in the garden. Dan's father Wattie appearer and accompanied  me up the Crescent. We discussed last weeks Martin Simpson's concert of which Wattie was more appreciative than me.Mrs Gill and I are of to Haddington in the morning to stay with Mr Gill Jnr and family for a few days so hopefully I will return with something of interest to put on my blog.

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