Friday, 22 October 2010

Scanning and Barfly Pics

Nice and quiet at the Archive Centre last night. Mr Tootlepedal busied away on the laptop, me and Jean started scanning photos from the competition we did eight years ago, Langholm Common Riding 2002. These will go onto the website at a later date and hopefully create some interest. We'll have to think about running the competition again in a couple of years time and compare the difference.
Mr Tootelpedal brought along his new digital camera and proceeded to show off with it, I must say I was very impressed with what it could do and the results it produced. Mr Tootlepedal said he bought it for his cycling trips as it fitted neatly in his pocket. After Mr Tootlepedal finished his photo shoot we proceeded to the the local Inn to continue our  research into that wonder ale, Deuchars. Jean seems to have abandoned this worthwhile cause of late, in the favour of a wee dram. Apparently her dedication and enthusiasm for the stuff was interrupting her sleep pattern. After a nice chat ( the moans and groans session didn't last long which was a change so we must be in reasonable fettle.) we decided it was time to head for home, but not before Mr Tootlepedal got his new camera out and got some barfly pics.

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