Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Monstrous Machines

Quite cold this morning, there was a few people scraping the ice of their cars as I made my way down town to get picked up for work. It was a lovely morning when I arrived in Carlisle and thoroughly enjoyed the walk from Tullie House through to the College. The work that is being done in Castle street is coming on nicely and should make quite an attractive area adjacent to the Cathedral.
Work continues on the demolition of the old part of the college to make way for the new build. It has been quite exciting these last few weeks seeing the specialist machinery at work. There seems to be a very high level of skill required to operate these monstrous machines.
After an uneventful morning there was a inter college football competition on at the Sheepmount so I had a stroll down for an hour. The students seemed to be in good humour probably because they were getting out of lessons for an afternoon. Anyway I returned to the college and got my logs up to date and head down to Linton Tweeds to get my lift home.
Arrived home to see the cuts the new Government had imposed. I was sweating a bit when I saw the retirement age was being raised to 66 but on further investigation this is to be by 2020 so as I am due to retire in 2015 I felt much easier.


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