Sunday, 17 October 2010

An evening with Martin Simpson and a spot of Foraging!

Just reflecting over a very nice weekend. Anne was working on Saturday morning so I relaxed, read the paper and gave the living room a very quick hoover. After lunch, a quick stroll around the Castleholm, where I met Charlie Bubbles en route to Milntown, he was in fine fettle and chatted for a while.
Later I popped down to the Archive Centre to pick up the dongle to see if it would work on my home computer, when I bumped into Anne's Aunt from Gatehouse which was a nice surprise. Later Mr Tootlepedal phoned me to see if I had the dongle as he was wanting to try it with his new wireless router. I said I would drop it off later in the evening.
After tea I decided to pop down to the Buccleuch Centre to see if there was any tickets for Martin Simpson. I had a very nice evening, although not every song was to my liking but he was a excellent guitarist and a very clear singer, which a bonus for my ears. Unfortunately midway through the concert one of my hearing aids decided to pack in so spent the rest of the performance with Martin Simpson in one ear and the old devil of sound itself tinnitus ringing in the other. After a quick pint and a chat with Edward Bell after the show I headed for home. On the way I popped the offending aid back in my ear and low and behold !!!!!!!! the bloody thing worked.
Sunday. Up early to meet up with Carole and Malcolm to go fungi foraging at Watchtree Nature Reserve. This turned out to be most interesting, I didn't realise how many varieties there were. Even though we had expert help on hand I still don't know if I would have the confidence to go out and pick to eat. This was followed by a lovely Sunday lunch at Bowness on Solway.


  1. What an enormous toadstool....and what an excellent blog.

  2. Terrific is the most suitable word to depict this blog.