Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Challenging and Rewarding and an unfortunate inconvenience

Reflecting over Halloween weekend the scariest thing I think I experienced was watching Anne Widecombe dance on Strictly Come Dancing and Wagner sing on X Factor. I must say the few times I have watched Strictly I can understand why Mrs Gill is such an avid fan.
The journey in to work this morning was rather grim when we approached Carlisle. Apparently someone had been walking on the M6 in the early hours of the morning and had been stuck by several vehicles subsequently this resulted in rather lengthy traffic jams approaching the city. So there was nothing we could do but sit it out.I often wonder why some people get so frustrated at the unfortunate inconvenience caused by an incident like this, they should think themselves lucky they will eventually get to where they are going.
The demolition work at the College is progressing well and the site should be ready for the new build shortly. The students are back after the mid term break all refreshed and quite keen to resume their studies. They are a good bunch in Motor Vehicle department though there are some characters amongst them, and it is them that makes the job both challenging and rewarding.

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  1. I nearly went to Carlisle that day but it was just as well that I didn't.